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24 of Photoshop works for the display racks

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Hello, This is Jamie from Xminus display, the position is business manager, but my hobby is designing, generally use Photoshop, Coreldraw, and CAD. I find that the design skill can also help my business and let me looks more professional, better understand the customer’s need.

Xminus has expertise in material integration, specializing in wood, metal, glass, acrylic, etc. We aim to providing more cost-efficient display stands to help client overcome the “cost matter”. Using the right material to make same effect stands.

Below I would like to show my photoshop works on the display stand which took about half an year.

This is all of the works, I believe the design skill will be more better in the future.

If you plan to launch products in the market, we can definitely help to show the uniqueness to impress the customer!



Hello, this is Jamie, the senior operations manager of Xminus display company. Xminus is a professional design and production display rack manufacturer with over ten years of experience. More than 90% of customers will repeatedly customize different display stands. When you plan to launch the products in the market to show the uniqueness for a deep impression, please talk to us at info(a)xminusdisplay(dot)com.
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