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How to pack a display rack for batteries

As for the packaging of the display rack, it is generally to put each accessory into the PE bag or wrap the stretch film, and then the foam or pearl cotton at both ends is finally put into the carton.

Below are the materials we usually use:

Now let’s talk about the packaging steps of the battery display rack in details:

First of all, you can understand the assembly structure of the battery display rack, the backplate is inserted into the base, then the back screw with 2pcs butterfly screws and plug in the power line.

Then the details of all the accessories of this display stand are the backboard, the base, 2pcs butterfly screws, 1pc power cable, and 1pc installation manual.

Now clean them and put them into PE bags, screws into sealed pockets.

The parts after bagging are stuck into the foam. Note that the holes in the foam are customized according to the size of the display rack.

Finally, all the accessories are put into the box. Since this display rack is 1 meter large, the carton material is 200 pounds of paper, which can better protect the product and avoid damage during transportation.

In this way, the display rack packaging is completed. As for the carton shipping mark and stickers, it depends on the actual need to customize.



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