Display Stand HS and HTS code

When we do the import and export shipping of the display rack, we need the HS code of the commodity. The coding basis of the display rack is generally divided by materials, mainly to see what the main materials of the display rack are, such as acrylic, wood, metal, and paper, then let’s talk about the coding details of the 4 types of display rack in detail.

ItemHS codeVATRefund rateCIQHTS codeTariff
Metal display rack940320000013%13%/940320009025%
Wood display stand9403609990 13% 13% P/Q940360808125%
Acrylic display stand3926909090 13% 13% /3926909985see 9902.12.05
Paper display stand4823909000 13% 13% /482390868025%
The HTS code is 9403608040 when the item of wood display stand is dining tables.
The dates are updated on 2021.8.11

The first six bits of each country’s code are the same, and the last four bits can be viewed according to the country’s code specifications.

For more Harmonized System(HS) knowledge kindly ref Wikipedia: Harmonized System – Wikipedia.



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