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Custom Acrylic Display Holder Design and Manufacture

The purpose of the exhibition: Show size of 216*270mm advertising graphic.

Requirements: It can be placed catty-cornered (about 65 degrees), and also be placed vertically. The graphic should be replaceable.

Designing idea: posters should be replaced, then you need to do to the illustration of the way. The base acrylic with 15 mm thick transparent acrylic, illustration board with 2 mm transparent acrylic hot bending, insert the base depth of about 8 mm, convenient disassembling packaging to transportation, the design scheme is as follows:

The acrylic display stands for total size is 216W*100D*287Hmm.

When the acrylic is made to the required size, all acrylic edges should be polished.

Now let us enjoy the finished pictures of the acrylic display holder:

65 degrees

Xminus display is focused on customized design solutions. Strict requirements for production details and accessories in manufacture. Pre-perception the problem with expertise and solve with possible solutions.



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